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Racket of the ADIPOWER JUNIOR range of the prestigious Adidas brand in its version 1.8. Its one of the junior editions for the year 2018. Composed 100% by fiberglass and a core of gum EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE, a low density gum. It has a round shape and a smooth surface with glossy finish. As in the other analysis made to a junior racket the same had the contribution of a tennis player under-10, which contributed to his opinion.

Racket Features:

First Impressions:

When you pick up you get the feeling of a well-finished racket, with no differences for the adult model, except for the single weight. The swing is directed towards the handle. In these models is not to consider any change in the balance of the racket through weights.

General lines:

In game its a racket with a medium-soft and regular touch. It’s got a solid hit with a medium-short output. Features a large sweet spot. In terms of power, taking into account the junior model is pretty good.

On the net:

In the net it is constant and allows you to perform all the strokes properly. Volleys, trays or smashes come out controlled which allows the correct learning of the technique.

Back of the court:

At the back of the court is comfortable and very manageable taking into consideration the physique of a junior athlete.


The weight tested was 314gr.


The surface is smooth with glossy finish.


In sound terms is a racket that has a medium-low sound and a medium timbre.

Safety cord:

The safety cord is simple, which leaves something to be desired.


In terms of durability, it appears to be a solid, well-built racket. In view of the users, perhaps the life time decreases considerably.


  • Good sweet spot
  • Good quality/price ratio
  • Manageable and comfortable


  • Safety Cord not adjustable


In conclusion, this is an easy and manageable racket, exactly what one asks for this type of junior racket. It has a stroke of medium-soft hardness and medium-short output. It will certainly be to the liking of an athlete in the learning phase, both at the visual level and at the level of comfort in use.

I didn’t feel practically vibration in my arm. Soft gum, fiberglass finish and the exoskeleton system identical to the adult model contribute to this. The finishes are very good and the look is quite attractive to the young audience no doubt.

It is a quality racket, which fits well to the target player and allows for proper learning of all the padel strokes. Good choice of Adidas for the junior range at a very attractive price.


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