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Adidas brand “ADIPOWER” racket in its 1.9 ATTK version. The weapon chosen by experienced player Seba Nerone for the 2019 season. Composed of carbon fiber, a structural reinforcement on the carbon 3K and aluminum face and an EVA HIGH MEMORY gum core, a high density gum. It has a diamond shape. It has a rough surface with bright finish.

Racket Features:

First Impressions:

When you first pick her up, you get the feel of a visually well thought-out racket, in line with the strong image of the brand. A good feeling of lightness, given the format. The swing is headed to the head, but gets a more balanced racket feel than the previous version.

By placing the overgrips, you will be able to slightly optimise the swing towards the handle. If you cannot put more than 1 overgrip the option is also for placing tungsten tapes under the Overgrip (s) to lower the paddle balance. On the contrary if you want to add more power, place the ribbons on the top of the racket below or above the protector. This is a very viable option for when you like a lot of all the other features of a racket, less the swing.


In game is a racket with a medium-hard touch, tending to hard. The previous version was softer. It features a sweet spot larger than the previous version 1.8, although it remains located at the top of the racket. In terms of power, nothing to say is quite well served, but perhaps one point below the previous version due to the slightly more centered balance sheet. It has a shorter output than the previous version.


In the net, its handling is a point that has reasonably improved to the previous version, yet it is still reduced against other less aggressive models. However, it is undoubtedly in our opinion the area where you will feel more comfortable with this racket. Trays, volleys come out with a lot of aggression and depth. In the smash you will also find no problem, as the hammer effect allows you to make the most of this blow and bring the ball back with some ease and draw  for 3 and 4.


Control from the back of the court will never be the best quality of this racket, however it is better than the previous version, by the improved handling it presents, however remains a technical racket and with reduced sweet spot. It needs a technically correct blow and hit the sweet spot so the ball doesn’t get short, especially in the lobs.


The weight tested was 370gr.


The surface is rough with glossy finish.


In sound terms it is a racket that has a medium-high sound and with a medium-high timbre.


The safety cord is simple and does not allow easy adjustment.


In terms of durability, it initially appears to be a solid, well-built racket. Well estimated will last a long time in my opinion.


  • Good power
  • Well achieved visual
  • Positive handling for the format


  • Safety Cord Not adjustable
  • Reduced Sweet Spot
  • Price


In conclusion, this is a racket that aims to be an evolution of the previous version, improving its balance, while still maintaining good aggression. The main differences are, in fact, a more focused balance sheet, a slightly larger sweet spot, a smaller output and slightly less power compared to the previous version. Suitable for aggressive players of advanced level who seek power while maintaining some control commitment. It has a medium-hardness beat and a short output tending to medium.

It is a racket with a better compromise between power and control than version 1.8. In the defensive phase, the increase in sweet spot, allows you to earn points on this field, never being brilliant. In the net, despite the slight decrease in power, improved maneuverability allows you to react faster and run, volleys and trays more easily and accurately. In the smash you will be able to draw by 3, for 4 and bring the ball back in shape, without great difficulty (for advanced players).

The visual part is very attractive in our opinion, as has been normal for the brand.

The tact tending to hard, it is felt in the elbow, however the better balance helps to counterbalance this point. It will always be a racket, which weighs after some playing time, but this is transversal to more aggressive rackets, and adequate physical preparation is essential.

It serves, in my opinion, high level, preferably left, however it does not look bad in the hands of aggressive right-wing players, given the improvements in general balance.

An interesting racket of a brand that aims to consolidate itself more and more in the sport.


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