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Racket of the line “HARD”, the highest range of the ASICS brand, in its version “HYBRID”. Composed of carbon, a fiberglass cover and a hard EVA gum core, a high density gum. It has a teardrop format, said “hybrid” by the brand, but the difference to the “SPEED” version is very tenuous. It has a textured surface with a glossy finish.

When you first pick it up you get the feeling of a racket lighter and more manageable than the “SPEED” version of the “HARD” line. The balance is still directed to the head in my opinion but much more centered than in the “SPEED” version. By placing the Overgrips, recommend 3, you will be able to optimize the balance in the direction of the handle. If you want you can also put tungsten ribbons, which I have always referred to, underneath the overgrips to lower the balance a little bit further. This is a pretty viable option for when you like a lot of all the other features of a racket, but not its balance.

In play is a racket with a medium touch. By its hard gum and constitution a very hard touch was predicted, but it positively surprises with a medium touch that tends slightly to hard. It features a pretty nice sweet spot for a racket of this format and slightly (very slightly) wider than the “SPEED” version. In terms of power, only a few inches below the SPEED version, also surprised me positively because I did not expect so much. It has a short but comfortable output. On the net trays and volleys are well directed and potent. The control is acceptable from the bottom of the court, not being its best quality, but with good technique and physical strength one achieves the depth and accuracy desired. Again positively surprises the handling for this format. The lobs come out well aimed, only take care of the depth, that requires you to finish the stroke correctly.

The weight tested was 365gr.

The surface is textured with gloss finish.

In sound terms it is a racket that has an average sound and with a medium timbre.

The safety cord is adjustable with a very discreet and innovative rubber system.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a pretty solid and well built racket which leads to wanting that can have a long lifespan when well estimated.


  • Good power
  • Manageable
  • Touch of medium and comfortable hardness
  • Adjustable cord System


  • Output sometwhat short
  • Excessive price

In conclusion, this is a paddle for players from middle level and beyond who want a good relationship between power and handling. It has an average hardness stroke tending slightly to hard and a short output. In the defensive stage is not the ideal racket but “gets away” well due to its good handling for a tear format. In the net you can get enough power without much effort. With good technique you can easily draw by 3, 4 and bring the ball back. The textured face helps in the effects. The visual part is quite attractive in my opinion in a sober and simple way. I didn’t feel much vibration in my arm, but it’s not entirely exempt from that. It serves mainly left-wing players who want a little more handling. You can also serve more aggressive right-wing players, but it is not at all the best option for this side of the field where “building the game” is much more the focus. If you are looking for power with some handling commitment and not looking too much at the price, this racket may be ideal for you. Good games!


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