Racket of the Portuguese brand CORK PADEL, in its LIGHT model, teardrop format tending to round. The racket is entirely covered by cork, with Kevlar in the structure, innegra a highly elastic and lightweight material used by NASA, aviation companies, Formula 1, among others, and a low density laminated EVA gum core. The difference for the PRO model is only a less dense carbon fibre structure in order to achieve a lower weight.

When you take it for the first time you get the feeling of a racket finished exquisitly with attention to all the details, as in the PRO and PREMIUM version, only lighter. The swing is directed towards the handle. By placing the overgrips, you will be able to further optimize the balance towards the handle. There is no need to put any additional weight wherever.

In play is a racket with a soft touch and also extremely comfortable as the previously tested models. Features a large sweet spot on the same line as the PRO model. In terms of power, due to its reduced weight, it loses a little but it is quite reasonable. It has an average output, well balanced and in line with the model. In the net is very comfortable and allows you to perform the volley or tray with good depth. At the bottom of the court, for its excellent handling, lightness and medium output, it is exceptional such as the PRO line. The lobs come out perfect, well-directed and deep.

The weight tested was that of 347GR, the weight hit for this line no doubt.

The surface is fully corked with matte varnish finish.

In sound terms it is a racket that has a medium sound and with a medium timbre to tend to the bass.

The safety cord is adjustable and very comfortable.

In terms of durability, it appears to be a solid, well-built racket, and Cork seems to be a very sturdy and durable material.


  • Excellent control
  • Unique Comfort
  • Excellent handling
  • Reduced weight
  • Sweet spot Wide


  • Slight power shortage

In conclusion, this is a racket that once again impressed, such as PRO and PREMIUM version. It serves players of all levels and by virtue of its weight, players who need a light racket, either for reasons of injury, taste or fisionómicos. It has a soft stroke and average output. In the defensive stage is indeed exceptional, for its good handling, fantastic comfort and adjusted output. In the net has enough power for the typical control player. It can be achieved with some effort and correct technique to draw by 3, by 4 and bring the ball back, putting the weight of the body in the ball. I did not feel rigorously any vibration in the arm as the other versions, the feeling continues to be as if it had not even played. Cork is a material that perfectly absorbs any existing vibration. It is an impressive and handmade quality racket in Portugal. Aesthetically I like it a lot but I will stress again that the esthetic is also something very personal. It has a protector of origin, rough and of excellent quality. It serves mostly right-wing players. In my opinion, this is the model that fits perfectly in the CORK concept and materials used. It is indeed “sweet” for the arm and very recommended for people with elbow problems. I double-reaffirm what I said in the previous analyses, an innovative and valuable project, which is lacking in the panorama of the national and international padel. The price, taking into account the quality and the handmade process of manufacture, is very attractive. Excellent option to have in your bag without a shadow of a doubt.


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