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Racket of the line “CONQUEROR”, brand DROPSHOT, in its version 6.0. The “weapon” chosen by the top Argentinian player, Juan Martin Diaz, who this year makes a fearsome pair with Paquito Navarro. Composed of carbon, an innovative CURV 360 material and an EVA SOFT gum core. It has a teardrop shape. It has a smooth surface and a gloss finish.

When first pick it up you get the feel of a powerful, sturdy and balanced racket. The handle is more “square” than usual but is something that quickly gets used to. The balance is directed towards the head but you do not get that sensation quickly when you pick it up. When you place the overgrips, you will be able to slightly optimize the balance towards the handle. If you can not put more than 1 overgrip the option is also to place tungsten strips under the overgrip (s) to lower the racket swing. On the contrary if you still want to add more power, place the tapes on top of the racket underneath or over the protector. This is a fairly viable option for when you really like all the other features of a racquet, less its swing.

In game is a racket with a medium touch that tends very slightly to soft. It presents an average sweet spot, raised, but quite acceptable for a racket facing the power. In terms of power will not disappoint you, you have to spare. It has a short output. In the net trays and volleys come out accurate and very powerful. Control from the back of the court is quite acceptable, given that the racket is surprisingly handy when you choose not to put the original “Dropshot” protector that completely changes this scenario. The lobs come out easily when well executed but should be a complete and correct stroke because of the somewhat short output.

The weight tested was 367gr.

The surface is smooth with a glossy finish.

In sound terms it is a racket that has an average sound and a medium-low tone.

The safety cord is simple and does not allow for easy adjustment.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a solid, very well built and robust racket that will not break very easily. Well esteemed will last a long time in my opinion.


  • Good power
  • Handy (without dropshot rubber protector)
  • Resistant
  • Good absorption of vibrations


  • Non-adjustable safety cord

In conclusion, this is a racket designed for aggressive, advanced level players looking for additional power without totally losing handling and control. It has a medium touch that tends slightly to soft and a short output. It is a racket with a good overall compromise between power, control and handling, but where it impresses most is for its power. In the defensive phase, if you have a good physical preparation and an accurate technique, it complies without major problems. In the net it will make possible to carry out strokes with great power and precision. You will be able to make volleys and trays accurate and with enough power to annoy your opponents. In the smash will not have difficulties, you will draw by 3, by 4 and bring the ball back consistently. The visual part is very attractive in my opinion. I did not feel virtually vibration in the arm, but its swing will eventually bring some discomfort after some playing time. It serves, in my opinion, high-level and left-wing players who excel at aggression in the net game. A good offensive option with an acceptable overall balance and good vibration absorption for anyone with elbow problems. One of the best rackets this year without a doubt. Good games!


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