High-end racket of the Gravity line, in its SOFT version, the Dunlop brand. One of the biggest bets of the brand for 2018. Composed of carbon and Aerographene, a super lightweight and elastic material that transmits rigidity but at the same time a feeling of lightness to the racket. It has a core of EVA ULTRA SOFT gum. It has an oversize hybrid shape and an abrasive surface that covers the entire face of the racket.

When first pick it up you get the feeling of a very well-finished and lightweight racket just like its “sister” version gravity. The swing is directed towards the head, but like the gravity version, the aerographene that gives it an extraordinary lightness contrasts the feeling of a heavy racket. By placing the overgrips, I recommend 3 minimum, you will be able to optimize the balance in the direction of the handle. You can additionally put lead or tungsten ribbons on the handle under the overgrips to lower a little bit further.

In play is a racket with a very soft touch. The new Dunlop system, TRI-MAX, seems to improve the racket stability and greater handling of it. The structure in Aerographene and carbon, conveys a lot of stability and a sense of lightness. It´s got a controlled, comfortable stroke. It features a sweet medium spot, short if we take into account other formats, but interesting for this kind of offensive rackets. I think the oversize hybrid model contributes to increasing the optimal impact point. In terms of power is a little behind the gravity but a few points above the galaxy. It loses some of this power due to the abrasive face and its ultra soft gum, but that same abrasive face helps when making trays, a good slice or spin. The control is good on back of the court. By being a more manageable racket than usual for these formats, help in the defensive stage. It has an average output, not high because it seems to me that the material used rigidifies the racket which also gives it stability. At the back of the court the lobs, come out controlled and with good depth. This model was the one that i least felt lack of sensitivity in the ball, perhaps by the use of ultra soft gum used, but still has a touch that requires some adaptation.

The weight tested was 366gr.

The surface is abrasive with mate finish.

In sound terms it is a racket that has an average sound and with a medium timbre.

The safety cord is simple. As I’ve always said, I always prefer the adjustable cord.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a solid and well-built racket which leads to wanting that can have a long lifespan when well estimated.


  • Excellent commitment between power, control and handling
  • Light and no vibrations
  • Abrasive Face


  • Safety Cord Not adjustable

In conclusion, this is a racket for advanced or medium-high level players who want to print some power but maintain a reasonable output, good control and handling. It has a soft stroke and a medium output. In the defensive phase helps by its output and because it is quite manageable and lightweight. In the net is precise in the tray and has relatively good power in the smash, yet lacks some habituation to the specific touch of the racket such as its “sister” Gravity. With the right technique you can easily draw by 3, 4 or bring the ball back. I felt no vibration in my arm, even if I had to push the tendons too far after some playing time. The finishes are very good and the visual is very attractive with the fluorescent orange. It is a high quality racket, which in my opinion serves left-wing players who like rackets with power but that also help at the time to defend. It can also serve right-handed players with offensive propensity. It is a racket that is surprisingly quite manageable for this type of format, an identical feeling to the gravity model. Advisable for those who have elbow problems and do not want to abdicate an aggressive game. An interesting choice and another Dunlop strong bet for this season.


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