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Top-of-the-range racket of the Head brand. It is the 2018 edition of the racket chosen by the world’s eternal No. 1 Fernando Belasteguin. Composed of carbon, graphene and a core of ULTRA SOFT FOAM. It has a diamond shape and a smooth surface with matt finish on the face of the racket.

When you pick it up you get the feeling of a racket more manageable and lightweight than the previous version. The balance is directed towards the head, but more balanced than its previous version. By placing three or more grips and with the help of tungsten or lead tape in the handle it is possible to put a lower balance.

The feeling is of a racket with a medium touch, a solid hit and a bit drier than its previous version. Presents a medium sweet spot tending to short. In terms of power is excellent, a little less than the previous one but hardly noticeable. In the net the ball comes out with a fantastic power as soon as it hits the sweet spot. The control is good for a racket with this format, probably by the best balance and core of foam ultra soft used. It has little output, but more than its previous version, which helps a little more in the defensive stage.

The weight tested was 375gr.

After placement of the additional grips, the balance is low a little but the balance is still noted for the head.

The surface is smooth and with mate finish on the face.

In sound terms it is a racket that makes you listen very well when you hit the sweet spot.

The safety cord is adjustable which is always something positive.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a pretty solid and well built racket which leads to wanting that can have a long lifespan.


  • Better power/control ratio than the previous
  • High quality materials


  • High Swing
  • Sweet spot a tender for the short

In conclusion, this is an aggressive racket and for aggressive players and good physical condition. It has a medium hardness hit tending to soft and with some output. In relation to the previous one is definitely more manageable and with a more dry touch, due to the graphene that entered the composition. In the net the racket is in fact exceptional, with a high power that is just a bit behind its predecessor. The core of foam Ultra soft makes it a very comfortable racket for the elbow even despite its aggressive shape and with high swing. The finishes are very good as well as the visual graphic that is different from the usual. It is an exceptional quality racket without a doubt, which in my opinion serves more aggressive and left-wing players with good size and good condition. A well-managed racket that will provide you with many good times in the field. In my opinion a racket that is more suited for technical and experienced players, but who can still satisfy anyone who is at an intermediate level.


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