Kelme brand Coyote line racket. Made up of 100% carbon and a core of Eva Premium UK PRO core. It has a round shape and a finished surface with textured varnish.

The first impression is of a racket with some weight despite the round shape. The finish is very good and the look very sober. The swing is located in the center tending to the handle but the feeling is that it is higher. Placing three or more grips is possible to counter the use of protector.

The feeling is of a medium-touch racket tending to hard and with a solid and constant hit. It features a very large sweet spot, covering practically the entire racket area which is great. Control is exceptional. The power proves to be short. It has a reasonable output, but it responds well to the intensity that is placed, that is, responds accurately to the intensity that we perform each hit.

The weight tested was that of 365gr which proved to be a good weight after placement of the grips and protector.

The surface is textured, fruit of the finish with varnish.

The sound is good but below other rackets.

The safety cord is simple, which is not seen as other brand rackets have the adjustable shape.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a pretty solid and well built racket which leads to wanting that can have a long lifespan.


  • Excellent sweet spot
  • High quality materials
  • Exceptional control


  • Weak handling
  • Lack power
  • Non-adjustable cord
  • Vibration

In conclusion, it’s a well-finished racket with a pretty sober look, personally I find it very interesting. With a blow tending to har and with reasonable output, it helps when you need to direct the hit to where it is intended and in a defensive phase. In my opinion, it lacks power. It conveys some vibrations although not many, but not recommended for players with recurrent problems of arm and elbow injuries. It is a somewhat permissive racket and a good choice for any level of play, even if you are starting out, especially for because of its sweet spot that occupies practically the whole face of the racket. For more experienced players, in my opinion based on a more defensive game that excel in ball control, preferably for a right-wing player. Good racket, but comes short in terms of power and handling.

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