Kelme brand Jackal Line Racket Edition 2018. Made up of 100% carbon and a core of EVA XTRA SOFT. It has a hybrid shape that lies between the teardrop and diamond form. It’s finished with a textured varnish.

The first impression is of a well-built racket and with a shape that we do not know well whether it is diamond or tear. The balance is directed towards the head. By placing three or more grips and with the help of tungsten or lead tape it is possible to put a relatively lower balance, but it is always with the feeling of a heavy and unmanageable racket.

The feeling is of a racket with a soft touch, a solid hit as long as it reaches the sweet spot. Features a reduced sweet spot. Power has a lot, allowing to draw by 3 quite easily for experienced players. In the net it impresses the power that one can get when reaching the reduced sweet spot of the racket. Control is scarce. It has virtually no exit which makes it difficult in a defensive phase.

The weight tested was 361gr. After placement of 4 grips and protector, it was a little more comfortable and with the balance slightly lower.

The surface is finished with a varnish rough which really helps the level of effects. In sound terms it is a racket with an average sound, increasing when it hits the sweet spot.

The safety cord is adjustable which really makes a difference and it is not understood how they do not put it in all the lines of the brand.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a solid, well-built racket that leads to wanting that you can have a long lifespan if you use a protector and have basic care.


  • Excellent power
  • Rough varnish
  • Adjustable cord


  • Swing too high
  • Sweet Spot Reduced

In conclusion, it seems to me a racket aimed at offensive players and with a lot of technique. With a solid and potent hit, it will impart good sensations in the offensive phase especially. It does not transmit large vibrations to the arm, however it is hard to handle and with the weight directed towards the head which ends up tiring the elbow after a few games. The finishes are very good as well as its look. It is a high quality racket, which is best enjoyed by experienced players and in my opinion it is based on a pronounced offensive game, preferably for a player on the left. A racket for experienced players who want to add power to their game.

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