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High-end Vibor-a brand racket. It is the second edition of a racket that was launched initially in 2015, counting with much success within the padel players and lovers of this brand. Composed of carbon, graphene, fiberglass, Kevlar and a core of black EVA SOFT. It has a diamond shape and a smooth surface with mate finish.

When you first pick it up you get the feeling of a very well-finished racket. The balance is clearly directed towards the head by virtue of its well-defined diamond format. By placing three or more grips and with the help of tungsten or lead tapes it is possible to put a slightly lower balance, but not too much.

The feeling is of a racket with a surprisingly soft touch, a very solid hit. It features a pretty short sweet spot. Power is the second name of this racket, its best quality without a shadow of a doubt. In the net is impressive the extreme power you get in the smash and volley, especially when you hit the sweet spot. Control impresses itself to be reasonably good for such an offensive racket. It has little output, it makes it difficult at the defensive level wich tells you that this racket is recommended for technically highly-established players.

The weight tested was 365gr. After placement of 4 grips and protector, it was a little more comfortable and with the balance slightly lower.

The surface is smooth, with a matt finish. In sound terms it is a spectacle, when you hit the sweet spot, it is heard and well.

The safety cord is adjustable which becomes very comfortable for handling.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a pretty solid and well built racket which leads to wanting that can have a long lifespan.


  • Fantastic Power
  • High quality materials
  • Adjustable cord


  • Very high price
  • Swing too high
  • Sweet spot Pretty Small

In conclusion, this is a racket for players with pure offensive instinct. It has a surprisingly soft hit with little or no output. You can’t expect miracles in defense, you might want to have the technique very accurate. It does not transmit large vibrations to the arm which does not exert too much strain on the tendons. The finishes are very good as well as the visual graphic. It is a high quality racket, which is best enjoyed by experienced players and with clearly offensive pendant, preferably for a left-wing player. Whoever chooses this racket has to know that he is focusing on his offensive game and that he will have to focus more on the defensive stage. It’s worth having it even if only for the pleasure that a well executed smash with this racket delivers.

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