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PRO range Racket of the well-known brand Varlion. It is the edition that comes to replace the acclaimed Varlion LWC 5 GP. Made up of 100% carbon and carbon fibers and a core of EVA HYPERSOFT gum. It has a round shape and a smooth surface.

By picking up you get the feeling of a lightweight and manageable racket. The balance is directed towards the handle but not immediately noticed thanks to the factory protector that the Varlion puts on. By placing the overgrips you can optimize for optimal balance.

The feeling is of a racket with a medium touch tending to hard due to the EVA HYPERSOFT wich composes the core. It has an extremely controlled and easy hit from the bottom of the field. It features a very large sweet spot. In terms of power it lacks a lot and it is clearly noted. In the net, the hit is very controlled. Control is in fact exceptional in the defensive phase. It has a moderate output and is very manageable after placement of the overgrips. It will help you very much in the defensive stage and it does not compromise in the net even with lack of power.

The weight tested was 360gr.

The surface is smooth. In sound terms is a racket that has a medium-low loudness.

The safety cord is simple, which leaves something to be desired.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a pretty solid and well built racket which leads to wanting that can have a long lifespan.


  • Excellent defensive game
  • Excellent control


  • Lack of power
  • Vibration and Hard Touch

In conclusion, this is a racket for clearly defensive players wich excel in control. It has a stroke of medium-hard hardness and moderate output. In the defensive phase you will feel like a top player, yet in the net it definetly lacks power. I felt some vibration in the arm by the hardness and swing of the racket, especially without the overgrips. The finishes are very good and the look interesting. It is a racket of exceptional quality as it has been habitual in this brand, which in my opinion serves players clearly right-wing and that make control their main weapon. A manageable racket, an easy fit to any player of any level. I don’t recommend it to anyone with elbow problems.

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