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Racket of the line “Lobera”, of the brand LX PLANET, in its version MATE SP 3.0. Consisting of a 100% carbon structure, reinforced by carbon “aramid” a bi-directional carbon network that coats the entire racket. It has a core composed of high density white EVA gum. It has a diamond shape. It has a rough surface (sandy) with a glossy finish.

Racket Features:

First Impressions:

Picking it up for the first time is the sensation of a light racket despite its shape and an imposing look with its bright and sandy face. The balance is directed to the head notoriously. By placing the overgrips, you will be able to slightly optimise the swing towards the handle. If you cannot put more than 1 overgrip the option is also for placing tungsten tapes under the Overgrip (s) to lower the paddle balance. On the contrary if you want to add more power, place the ribbons on the top of the racket below or above the protector. This is a pretty viable option for when you like a lot of all the other features of a racket, less of your swing.

In this racket specifically would put more weight on the grip to lower your swing high.

General lines:

In play is a racket with a touch of medium hardness but quite comfortable such as the “Valkyria”, realizing the same constructive method of the brand. Features a reduced sweet spot, in line with the diamond shape. In terms of power is fairly well, but below other pure power options already tested. It has an average exit to tender for short.

In the net:

In the net trays and volleys come out potent and with great sensation of pleasure when reaching the sweet spot. It has a handle above the average given its balance, which allows to react relatively well to the more complicated balls. In the smash, although not the most powerful diamond rackets I have tested will have no problem.

Back of the court:

Controlo from the back of the court is quite good for a racket of this format. The sweet spot is short but the output and maneuverability allow good performance in the defensive phase. In the lob you might want to hit the sweet spot so they don’t get short.


The tested weight was 368gr.


The surface is rough (sandy) with glossy finish.


In sound terms is a racket that has a medium-low sonority and with a medium-low timbre.

Safety cord:

The safety cord is simple but of a material very comfortable and with some elasticity.


In terms of durability, it appears to be a solid racket. Well cared for, it can last a long time with good performance.


  • Good maneuverability for the format
  • Comfortable


  • Slight lack of power
  • Safety Cord Not adjustable


In conclusion, this is a racket and a brand that conveyed positive sensations to me. Like the “Valkyria”, the initial reticence given the “different” aspect of the usual is quickly exceeded as soon as one picks it up and starts hitting balls. In my opinion is a racket that serves left wing players who look for power on the net but also some background control.

It has an average hardness stroke. The sweet spot is reduced. In the defensive phase the control is good due to the average output (tends slightly to short) and handling above average for the format. In the net will have very good sensations despite slight lack of power. Volleys and trays come out potent. You can it with relative ease, draw by 3, 4 and bring the ball back. The rough (Sandy) face will help you a lot in the desired slices and effects.

The visual part is interesting, with the logo of the brand occupying practically the whole face of the racket and with the glossy sandy finish in monochrome tones. The medium hardness tact proved to be quite comfortable, especially for the diamond format that usually brings more discomfort. I didn’t feel practically vibrating on my arm. The high swing yet cause some strain after some playing time.

A well thought out and surprising racket on the part of the LX Padel. Good games!


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