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Racket of the famous ML10 PRO CUP line, in its camouflage version of the brand Nox. A brand that has made a strong bet in 2018 with a series of new models and some very well known of the public. Composed of carbon, fiberglass and a high density EVA NOX HR3 core. It has a round shape and a smooth surface.

When you first wield the racket you get the feeling of a very manageable and well finished racket. The balance is directed towards the handle. When putting on the overgrips, if you like to put 3 or more, the swing will lower even more which may lead you to want to raise it for more power, therefore you can put lead or tungsten strips on top of the racket underneath the protector.

On the court the racket has a medium tending slightly to a hard touch. Its high density eva core is partly responsible for it. The carbon frame and 3 layers of fiberglass in the plane also provide it some extra stiffness. It has a very comfortable stroke despite the the slightly hard touch. Personally I found this version, which just changes the look, slightly harder, perhaps reflecting a different paint composition. It has a very wide sweet spot. In terms of power, regarding this racket format, has an excellent compromise, but you can not compare to rackets of more offensive formats. In the net is very precise and easily achieves the desired depth. The control is exceptional. It has an average to short output and is quite manageable. At the back of the court the lobs are very well balanced and it helps you in the defensive phase especially when lobbing. In the net it lacks some power but it will not let you down.

The weight tested was 365gr.

The surface is smooth with a glossy finish.

In sound terms it is a racket that has a medium-low sound and with an average tone.

The safety cord is simple but quite comfortable, yet the adjustable one is always a better option in my opinion.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a solid and well-built racket which predicts a long lifespan when well estimated. The painting seems to be quite sturdy.


  • Excellent control
  • Wide sweet spot
  • Balanced power / control
  • Good value for money
  • Very manageable
  • Bold visual


  • Non adjustable safety cord
  • Slightly lacks output for this kind of models

In conclusion, this is a racket for relatively experient players who want a racket of control but that does not let them down in the net regarding power. It has a medium touch tending slightly to hard and has a medium-short output. I stress again that I found this model slightly harder, perhaps reflecting a layer of thicker paint or different composition. In the defensive phase is spectacular and very well balanced in terms of ball output and touch. On the net is accurate and has considerable power for a racket of this format. With the correct technique you can with relative ease draw by 3, by 4 or bring the ball back to your court. I felt virtually no vibration in my arm. The finishes are very good and the look very attractive and bold. It is a rackt of unequivocal quality, which in my opinion serves right-wing players who like rackets with somewhat reduced output and some power commitment. It is a very manageable racket, suitable for players, in my opinion from mid-level to professional who want a racket balanced but with primacy for control. An excellent choice even for those who are not very fond of round rackets.


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