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Racket of the “Pro” line , of the NOX brand, in its version AT 10 Pro CUP. It is the “weapon” conceived for Agustín Tapia player of World top for the 2019 season. Consisting of a carbon and carbon 12k milestone in the plan. It is a racquet based on the mythic NOX ML 10 PRO CUP, and the main difference lies in the addition of an 18k carbon fibre cover on the face. Composed of carbon and a high density EVA NOX HR3 gum Core. It has a round shape and a smooth surface with glossy finish.

Racket Features:

First Impressions:

When you first take it, you get the feeling of a very manageable racket, such as the NOX ML 10 PRO CUP.  The balance is directed to the fist and this is notorious.

By placing the overgrips, you will be able to optimise the balance in the direction of the handle. If you cannot put more than 1 overgrip the option is also for placing tungsten tapes under the Overgrip (s) to lower the paddle balance. On the contrary if you want to add more power, place the ribbons on the top of the racket below or above the protector. This is a pretty viable option for when you like a lot of all the other features of a racket, less its swing.

General lines:

In game is a racket with a medium-hard touch. With a stiffness much higher than the NOX ML 10 PRO CUP, the result of the addition of the 18k carbon fibre cover. The sweet spot is fantastic just like ML. In terms of power is a point above the ML 10 PRO CUP. handling is very good, which allows you to react quickly. It has an average output, slightly above the ML 10 PRO CUP.

In the net:

In the net is a racket fairly easy and it allows to compensate some technical errors. The output allows good depth in any blow, but attention to the glass. Being very manageable it becomes easy to react to more complicated balls. In the smash you can draw by 3, 4 and bring the ball back, but requires technique and some effort on the part of the player.

Back of the court:

Control from the back of the court is exceptional, such as the ML 10 Pro Cup, perhaps just a point below the extra comfort sensation that the ML 10 Pro Cup brings. Good output, good handling and high sweet spot enable you to return high difficulty  balls. lobs and defensive blows come out with a lot of fluidity.


The weight tested was 365gr.


The surface is smooth with glossy finish.


In sound terms is a racket that has an average sound and with an equally average timbre.

Safety cord:

The safety cord is simple and does not allow easy adjustment.


In terms of durability, it seems to be a solid and well built and robust racket that will not break very easily. Well estimated will last a long time in my opinion.


  • Good control
  • Wide sweet spot
  • Good handling
  • Good output


  • Reduced power (in line with format)
  • Safety Cord Not adjustable


In conclusion, this is a fairly easy racket such as the ML 10 PRO CUP, with an additional stiffness, the touch becomes harder and drier, keeping all other features. It serves players of all levels, with greater predominance on the right side. It has a medium-high hardness stroke and an average output tending slightly to high.

It is a racket that in the defensive phase will help you greatly given its defensive features, but that will not embarrass you in the net. Volleys and trays come out easy and deep.  In the smash, with technique you will be able to draw by 3, 4 and bring the ball back.

The visual part is attractive, the red matches well with the black in our opinion.

I didn’t feel practically vibrating, but I felt the additional stiffness compared to the ML 10 PRO CUP.  Its swing helps a lot not to weigh too much on your arm.

It serves, in my opinion, players primarily on the right and with defensive characteristics .

Good option from NOX, based on a successful racket and giving you that extra stiffness that so many players appreciate.

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