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“M27” line racket, from the ROYAL PADEL brand, one of the pioneer and oldest brands, with regard to the manufacture of paddle rackets, in its limited version of 2020. Composed of a fully carbon structure and 3K carbon fiber reinforcement, in the structure, heart and face. It has a foam core (soft polyethylene). It has a oversize round shape. It has a rough surface and matt finish.

Racket Features:

First Impressions:

When you take it for the first time you get the feeling of a manageable racket and quality finishes. The swing clearly tends towards the handle.

By placing the overgrips, you will be able to slightly optimise the swing towards the handle. If you fail to place more than 1 overgrip the option also falls for putting the included weights to lower the paddle balance. On the contrary if you still want to add more power, put the weights included at the top of the racket at the spot indicated on the protector. This is a very viable option for when you like a lot of all the other features of a paddle, less the swing.


At stake is a racket with a soft touch, tending slightly to medium due to the rigidity of the integral carbon structure. Very comfortable given the composition of its core composed of FOAM (polyethylene). The sweet spot is quite wide, fruit of the round oversize shape that allows an increment of the sweet spot face to the traditional round mold. In terms of power, it lacks a little, because its DNA is clearly from a control racket. It has a short exit, combined with a soft and dry touch.


In the net trays and volleys come out with ease, given the fantastic handling, allowing to perform the blows naturally. Allows excellent reaction in the tightest moments. In the smash, you can’t expect miracles, this being a racket focused on control, you will be able, with good physical preparation and with the correct technique to draw by 3, by 4 or bring the ball back.


The control in the defensive zone is very positive, the output is short and this, although it does not help the tighter balls, allows to completely define the blow and taking into account the excellent handling, makes it a real glove that allows to accurately place the ball in the desired location. Be ware of lobs, which require a correct and complete technique so as not to be short.


The weight tested was 368gr.


The surface is rough with matt finish.


In sound terms is a racket that has a medium-high sonority and with a medium timbre.


The safety cord is simple, something that always leaves something to be desired in our opinion, because the adjustment allows extra comfort.


In terms of durability, it seems to be a very solid racket. Well cared for, it can last a long time with good performance.


  • Excellent handling
  • Good control
  • Confort


  • Safety Cord Not adjustable
  • Lacks power
  • Price


In conclusion, the M27 Carbon Limited Edition, the first Royal Padel we tested, left us excellent indications. A racket quite suitable for those who have elbow problems, due to its anti-vibration system and FOAM core (polyethylene), but that serves all types of players, from the amateur to the professional.

Handling is a strong point of this racket.  It serves primarily players who excel in control, especially from the right, who want a real glove, which allows them full control of the ball at all heights of the game, maintaining an above-average comfort. It is best suited for advanced players, however they can also serve beginners if they don’t look too far at the price.

It has a soft stroke. The sweet spot is quite wide. In the defensive phase the control is very good and although it does not have that extra output that some like, allows to react very quickly and set the blow to 100%. On the network, it allows you to react fast and have an above-average accuracy, just don’t expect too much from the power chapter. You can, with the right technique, and a good dose of power printed by the player, draw by 3, by 4 and bring the ball back.

The visual part of this limited version, is quite attractive, with colors that play very well.

Vibration is something you won’t find on this racket. Highly recommended for players with elbow problems or recovering from injury.

A top-of-the-range racket-shaped “glove”, with a connoising price.

Good games!


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