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High-end racket of the brand Starvie for the year 2017. Composed of red carbon and copper fibers.  Double tubular entirely in carbon. Filled by EVA soft. Round format. Textured surface.

The first impression you get on this racket for the first time is that it has high quality finishes and that aesthetically is very well achieved. It is immediately noticed that it is slightly balanced for the head but not too much, something that can be corrected by placing tungsten tape under the grip or by placing several overgrips.

Playing and despite its average hardness, has a pretty nice hit. It features a pretty wide sweet spot, much by force of its round shape. It is a racket that has a considerable power for those who like a more aggressive net game, presenting also a very acceptable control and with a non-exaggerated output.

The weight tested was that of 360gr, and do not recommend a higher weight due to the higher balance, especially for those who suffer from Epicondylitis, best known for tennis or golf elbow depending on the area of the injury.

The textured surface helps a lot who likes to abuse the slice, especially in the service coup.

The safety cord is simple without any possibility of adjustment, which in my opinion is not understood in a racket of this range and this price.

In terms of durability, it seems to be an extremely solid and well-built racket which leads to wanting that it can have a long life span. Pros:

  • Excellent finishes and visual
  • High quality materials
  • Good balance between control and power
  • Texture


  • High price
  • Simple safety cord with no possibility of adjustment
  • Absence of rubber to hold Overgrip

In conclusion, it seems to me a very balanced racket and with a very good touch, despite some excessive hardness in my opinion. The finishes are the best that can be found and the visual is very well achieved. It is a high quality racket, which is best enjoyed by experienced players. An excellent option for anyone as long as it does not look at its very high price.

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