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Vibor brand Belcher line racket. Composed of carbon, Grapheno, Kevlar, fiberglass and a core of EVA SOFT gum. It has a round shape and a smooth surface with mate finish.

The first impression is a lightweight racket and very manageable. The swing is located in the lower part of the racket towards the handle. It is not better to lower the weight towards the handle, because what you lack is power, as soon as I recommend placing weights in the upper zone.

The feeling is of a very soft touch racket, perhaps too much and with a solid hit and a lot of output. Features a large sweet spot. Control is exceptional. The power is reduced. On the net, your wide sweet spot helps, but you might want to be careful with the excessive output that can take many balls to the glass. It will yes help you a lot in the defensive stage of the game.

The weight tested was f 359gr which only revealed a good weight after placement of the grips, protector and weights at the top.

The surface is smooth, with mate finish.

The sound is reasonable lower than other more powerful rackets of the brand.

The safety cord is adjustable which makes it quite easy to reach the most comfortable position.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a pretty solid and well built racket which leads to wanting that can have a long lifespan.


  • Excellent sweet spot
  • High quality materials
  • Exceptional control


  • Too much output
  • Lack power

In conclusion, it’s a well-finished racket with a very impressive look, personally liking the chosen colors. With a very soft stroke and with enough output it helps to direct the hit in a defensive phase. The power is not in fact your weapon. It does not transmit large vibrations to the arm which does not exert too much strain on the tendons. It is a permissive racket and a good choice for any level of play, even if you are starting. For more experienced players, in my opinion they are based on a more defensive game than Excel by ball control, preferably for a right-wing player. Too much output for my taste and lack of power.


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