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Racket of the range “NAYA” of the prestigious Spanish brandVibor-A, in its version liquid 2018. Consisting of carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass and a SOFT EVA gum core. It has a tear shape. It has a rough surface with matt finish.

Racket Features:

First Impressions:

Taking it for the first time is the sensation of a light and visually imposing racket. The balance is centered, tending to the handle and this, coupled with the lower weight range (345-365gr) gives it a feeling of lightness.

By placing the overgrips, you will be able to slightly optimise the swing towards the handle. If you cannot put more than 1 overgrip the option is also for placing tungsten tapes under the Overgrip (s) to lower the paddle balance. On the contrary if you want to add more power, place the ribbons on the top of the racket below or above the protector. This is a very viable option for when you like a lot of all the other features of a paddle, less the swing.

General lines:

In play is a racket with a medium-soft touch, the gum is soft but the kevlar in the structure and the fiberglass on the face gives you an additional rigidity and hardness. It features a very acceptable sweet spot. In terms of power, taking into account the weight range, it gets a little short, but being a racket designed largely for female player i think it is very well. It has an average output

In the net:

In the net trays and volleys come out with plenty of fluidity and depth. Some attention to the glass given the average output. In the smash will feel some lack of power, given the weight range, but the rough face is going to allow to print the desired effects effectively.

Back of the court:

Back of the court control is quite good, being a light and manageable racket and with sweet spot quite interesting, the defensive phase becomes easier. Lobs leave with good depth given the output.


The tested weight was 360gr.


The surface is rough with matt finish.


In sound terms is a racket that has a medium-high sonority and with a high timbre.

Safety cord:

The safety cord is adjustable as is the Vibor-A brand habit.


In terms of durability, it seems to be a solid racket, very well built and robust. Well cared for, it can last a long time with good performance.


  • Good control
  • Manageable
  • Adjustable Safety Cord


  • Lack of power in lower weights
  • Price


In conclusion, this is a well-designed racket especially for the female sex. In my opinion it is a racket that serves players on both sides who want a hybrid tacket and easy to adapt to various game situations. It has a medium-soft hardness stroke and a medium output.

It’s a racket with a good sweet spot given the format. In the defensive phase will feel very good, given the sweet spot, output and swing. In the net the format allows to achieve a reasonable power and depth. Volleys and trays come out deep in the generality. Watch the glass. You can with proper technique and some effort, draw by 3, 4 and bring the ball back. The rugged face helps in the intended effects.

The visual part is in my opinion is spectacular just like the rest line of the brand. The fluorescent rose with the typical design of the Vibor-A stands out on the court.

I felt some vibration in the arm given the rigidity that kevlar provides, but nothing of concern. The balance-centered swing tending to the handle helps a lot.

A racket mostly for females but not only. A multi-purpose racket. Good games!


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