Racket of the known line Yarara of the brand Vibor-A. It’s the 2017 edition. Composed of carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass, Graphene and a core of EVA SOFT. It has a hybrid shape that lies between the round shape and teardrop, though closer to the latter. It has a mate finish.

The first impression is a heavy racket and not very easy to handle. The swing is directed to the head much by force of its shape. By placing three or more grips and with the help of tungsten or lead tapes it is possible to put a relatively lower balance, but never at the level of a round-shaped racket, unless they choose not to put protector which is not recommended.

The feeling is of a racket with a medium touch, a solid hit as long as it reaches the sweet spot. It features a short sweet spot, despite its hybrid format that should increase the same. Power is not lacking, this if it hits the sweet spot correctly, allowing to draw by 3 easily enough for experienced players. It impresses the power you can get when you hit the sweet spot on the racket. The control is reasonable but the weak handling makes it difficult to place the ball. There’s little but reasonable output, which also helps with a defensive stage.

The weight tested was 362gr. After placement of 4 grips and protector, it was a little more comfortable and with the balance slightly lower.

The surface is smooth and with mate finish.

In sound terms it is a racket with a high sound when it hits the sweet spot.

The safety cord is adjustable which becomes quite comfortable.

In terms of durability, it seems to be a solid, well-built racket that leads to wanting that you can have a long lifespan if you use a protector and have basic care.


  • Adjustable Safety Cord
  • Very attractive Visual


  • Swing too high
  • Weak handling
  • Sweet Spot Reduced

In conclusion, it seems to me a very technical racket and for players with good wingspan. It has a solid hit and a low output, but it will allow a good transition between the defensive and offensive phase. It transmits some vibrations to the arm which overexerts the tendons and can lead to injury to players with less preparation. The finishes are very good as well as your look. It is a high quality racket, which is best enjoyed by experienced players and in my opinion it is based on a more offensive game, preferably for a player on the left. A racket something heavy and with weak handling, which leads me to believe that only for experienced players and with a well-worked arm.

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