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Racket of the line Carbon Force Pro of the brand Wilson, but known for its excellent products of tennis. Made up of 100% carbon and a FOAM core. It has a round shape and a rough surface.

When you pick up you get the feeling of a very balanced and manageable racket. The swing is directed towards the handle, as it comes with factory protector it is noticed in first impression more centered. By placing the overgrips you can optimize for a lower swing. You can also put lead or tungsten ribbons under the grips to lower the balance or the top if you want to add more power.

The game is a racket with a medium-soft touch, by its core of FOAM that gives it a soft touch, which is against balanced by the carbon fiber cover that gives it rigidity. You have a very comfortable and controlled stroke. It features a very large sweet spot. In terms of power can not expect much, but this is normal for this format of rackets. In the net is very precise and comfortable in the volleys and trays. Control is indeed very good. It has a very high output and is quite manageable. Excellent at the bottom of the field because the output you have will help you in all types of knocking. The network lacks power. The weight tested was that of 365gr which is the only one manufactured for this racket. The surface is rough which will help in the execution of effects. In sound terms is a racket that has a medium-low loudness. The safety cord is adjustable and simple model what should be the norm for all rackets in my opinion. In terms of durability, it seems to be a solid and well-built racket which leads to wanting that can have a long lifespan when well estimated.


  • Excellent control and defensive play
  • Sweet spot Wide
  • Affordable price


  • Lack of power

In conclusion, this is a racket for players who prefer the defensive game and enjoy the ball output. It has a stroke of medium-soft hardness and high output. In the defensive phase will help you a lot, however in the network despite the good targeting is not the ideal racket to bring the ball back or draw by 3. Do not feel any vibration in the arm, the FOAM core is ideal for those who suffer from elbow problems. The finishes are very good and the look is very attractive what you would expect from Wilson. It is a high quality racket, which in my opinion serves right-wing players who like to make a difference for their defensive game. It is a very manageable racket suitable for players that are starting or already of a more advanced level. Highly recommended for those who suffer from problems like Epicondylitis. Wilson’s excellent choice. [Yasr_multiset setid = 1]

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